About IISG

At Ideal Investigations & Security Group, LLC, we have a firm commitment to the security and protection of our clients. How do we do this? We do this by placing an emphasis on our client's confidentiality, through a rigid hiring practice that guarantees the highest caliber of candidate, by broadening our knowledge of security and external/internal threats, through the utilization of high-tech assets, and through concise coordination with our teams to ensure a flawless execution of our services. With IISG, we pride ourselves in the combined experience of our team that allows us to exceed our clients' demands and provide them with confidence. Our clients' trust in us and our wide array of abilities allows us to meet the threats of the 21st century.

-Ken Munshower, President & Treasurer

Ken Munshower serves as President and Treasurer of Ideal Investigations & Security Group, LLC. He began his career in the United States Army. Ken served in the 1/35th Infantry, 2/47th Raider Batallion, 394th MI Detachment, 128th MI Batallion, and the 19th Special Forces Group. While in the military, Ken received training as a Company Weapons Specialist and Counter Intelligence Agent/Technician. He has also received additional training in surveillance and security aspects that exceed standards set by governing agencies. During this time, he was awarded "Soldier of the Year" and was selected as having the most efficient and well maintained arms room on the Ft. Lewis Base.

In 1987, Ken had enlisted in the Pennsylvania State Police and was selected as the class leader of the 67th cadet class. After attending the State Police Academy, he was assigned to the PSP Mercer Station where he was involved in Operation Whiteline, a highway interdiction program directed towards narcotic traffickers as they traveled the interstate highway system through Pennsylvania. From 1987 to 1990, Ken led the PSP in highway interdiction arrests and seizures. He had later received "Trooper of the Year" in 1990 for his accomplishments.

In late 1990, Ken was relocated to the PSP Belle Vernon Station where he continued with Operation Whiteline efforts. In 1993, he was assigned to the Region Five Strike Force based in Greensburg, PA. The Region Five Strike Force was an undercover unit covering a nine county area in southwestern Pennsylvania. Ken is one of the original coordinators of the Pennsylvania State Police “Top Gun” Undercover School and was the primary instructor for the Pennsylvania State Police "Whiteline" program for several years. He continues to instruct local officers in traffic stops and officer safety issues involving high risk vehicle stops and search warrants.

In 1997, Ken was assigned as a member of the Pennsylvania State Police Canine Unit where he handled both a narcotics and explosive canine. In 1999, he attended a 17 week course conducted by the Philadelphia Police Department in explosive detection. Shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Ken attended a trainer certification course conducted by the Virginia State Police. For six years following, Ken was the Explosive Detection Trainer for the Pennsylvania State Police. He conducted over 300 explosive detection sweeps and dignitary protection sweeps while handling an explosive detection canine. In 2000, Ken and his canine “Charky” won the first national award ever given in the state of Pennsylvania by the USPCA for a search where canine "Charky" found several active explosives and was credited with protecting the members of the Pittsburgh Joint Terrorist Task Force. Ken was responsible for organizing a certification course for narcotic and explosive detection canines for the Pennsylvania State Police during that time.

In 2006, Ken was assigned as a Patrol Shift Supervisor at the PSP Pittsburgh Station. During this time, he had seen the benefit of Traffic Safety Checkpoints and conducted over 25 of them in a two year period. In 2008, he had been assigned to the Troop B Vice Unit as a Supervisor. The unit investigated narcotics, prostitution, and gambling offenses in a 5 county area in southwestern Pennsylvania. Ken had investigated numerous traffic and criminal offenses ranging from routine accidents to homicide while with the Pennsylvania State Police.

Ken retired from active service with the Pennsylvania State Police in 2010. He had attended over 70 law enforcement classes, received over 100 awards and letters of recognition, and was selected "Trooper of the Year" as a uniformed officer at the PSP Mercer Station and as an undercover officer in the Bureau of Drug Law Enforcement.

Since forming Ideal Investigation & Security Group in 2011 Ken has both supervised and participated in dozens of corporate and personal security missions for staff and employees for several billion dollar companies. Ken has conducted numerous investigation and surveillance missions for both private parties and state agencies involving motor vehicle, personal injury, workman's compensation and fraud cases. In 2014 Ken trained explosive and narcotic detection canines for a major hospital firm making it the first in the State of Pennsylvania to deploy canines in a hospital setting. Ken continues to assist local law enforcement agencies with canine selection and training.

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