Types of Investigations

With over a 500 years of combined investigative experience, IISG prides itself in having the ability to offer its clients the highest caliber of investigative services in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Accident Investigations
Background Investigations
Civil & Criminal Investigations
Corporate Investigations
Asset Verifications


Some situations call for a different type of proactive approach. Our surveillance services monitor behavior and activities of subjects for future proceedings, criminal or otherwise. An example of our surveillance activities include:
• Worker's Compensation
• Workplace Misconduct
• Employee Theft
• Special Event Surveillance

School Security

Ideal Investigations & Security Group is offering School System Emergency Response Teams specifically directed toward stopping aggressive and violent behavior toward students and staff at schools though out Pennsylvania. IISG will analyze and complete a threat analysis and recommend based on student population and institution size the idea amount of school security team members is needed to provide a safer environment for students and staff alike. All IISG members have extensive Law Enforcement and/or Military training and experience. IISG members sole purpose at your institution will be to stop or sustain violent actions directed at students and staff at your institution, That commitment is done through careful planning and determining likely potential threats from both inside and outside the school conditions. It is IISG belief that with careful planning and preparation that the now common school violence scenarios playing out across our country can be mitigated by a dedicated team of well trained and well prepared group of dedicated men and women whose sole purpose is to protect our valuable children.

IISG will consult with districts to give an overview of threat options to consider. We realize that there is no singe solution to providing safe school environments and each district has unique needs that we can identify. We will provide full security assessments of all school buildings and campuses.

Security & Protection

We understand that some situations demand a security presence. IISG offers its clients security and protection services that range from professionals in uniform to undercover protection. We specialize in:

• Asset Protection;
• Building & Property Security;
• Dignitary Protection;
• Executive Security;
• Event Security; and School Security


Organizations have an obligation to protect their assets from sabotage, espionage, misconduct, theft, etc. When partnering with IISG, the organization is able to effectively counter and deter possible actions that would negatively impact it. Below are some of the support functions IISG offers its clients:

• Forensic Investigations; and
• Surveillance Measures.

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